BioHazard SymbolAdding an important layer of security, the WCESD has purchased and implemented a new antivirus product for all the public schools. Read on for details...

In the 18-19 school year, malware infected a number of machines on the network. While several layers existed between staff and the internet, once "inside" the malicious software was able to defeat the 'free' antivirus that was available. The no-cost products also provided no centralized reporting or awareness, so the Tech Department relied on complaints alone.

In addition to many other improvements, the WCESD decided to purchase a commercial-grade security product for every computer on the network. We erradicated 6 different malicious programs, so only products which could detect all of them would be considered.

From a field of 20 products, two were selected and given a "trial" use, before making a final purchase. The WCESD paid for a subscription to the latest updates for 3 years. Now the security suite not only detects and prevents many threats, but reports & alerts the Tech Department in the process.

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