UnderConstructionThe new 2019 year brings many things, including notification that Schoolmaster is being retired...

Schoolmaster is the product our schools use to store and manage records. From attendance & grading to state reporting, this is what keeps our schools running. At first, we were notified that we had a year before retirement. However, the parent company decided to advance the timeline & retire the product this summer (18-19) offering a no-cost upgrade to their other product for existing customers.

The districts decided to take the opportunity to evaluate all their options. If a switch was to be made, why not select the best solution. With a short window of only a month or two, a lot of research was done. In the end, they selected Edupoint's "Synergy" product.

The transition is in progress now, and on track to be completed by Fall. Trainers will come on site during the teachers' first days to give them hands-on, in person trainings.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Tech Department, we would be happy to field any questions you may have.