ArduinoIt's been said that "necessity is the mother of all invention." We needed to unplug a radio on a remote mountain top, regardless of severe winds & snow drifts, so we invented a solution!

The Necessity:

Having radios on Sheep Ridge gives us the ability to connect many remote locations across the County. However, it also involves peril, as winds can exceed 120 mph, and snow drifts can pile over 30 ft!

One radio is especially troublesome, with the device becoming utterly unresponsive, a few times each year. In the winter, this is quite an excursion to get a technician onsite. We do not have off-road equipment, so we're often at the whim of a contractor for transportation 7 miles up the hill over the snow.

The Solution:

At a training we attended, there was a "Makerspace" where people could learn about working with microcontrollers. Building on that knowledge, we used an Arduino microcontroller to control a relay. The radio's power flows through this relay, allowing us to interrupt it. This cuts power to the radio for 60 seconds, and restores it. This has already saved us two trips to the mountain!