RadioSurveyCBHow do you bring broadband internet across 40 miles of rugged terrain, ranging from 1,600 to 7,000ft in elevation? Read on for our recent field trip to try some radios!

 After repeated attempts to solicit upgraded internet, the Troy School District is still stuck at 3 Mbps. It's got quality, but not quantity. With other districts upgrading to fiber-based connections, we had some radios that only serve in a 'backup' role, so we decided to give them a try. 

We researched many possible options, and got permission from a gracious landowner to try their property as a relay location. On an overcast July day, we setup over 33 miles apart, to try our hand. The good news is, we got signal from the mountain & validated it had a path to both locations! The bad news is that the signal was too weak to provide a solid link. 

Unfortunately, we'll have to use a lower frequency &/or have more output to cross such great distances effectively. You can be sure we will continue to explore options to bring broadband to our schools in need!