Next on our list, Imnaha! Join us as we mount an expedition up the canyon wall...

 It was a sunny morning in June when we set out for Dead Horse ridge. Possible thunderstorms & showers were forecast after 11 am, so we started at 7 to give us more time.

The challenge in reaching Imnaha is the radical terrain. Through our geographical research, we had a possible location in mind, which could reach both the school and our mountain-top distribution point, Sheep Ridge. The owners had graciously given us permission to explore the possibility, so we prepared backpacks loaded with microwave radio, batteries, solar panel, and mast.

By 11 am, a radio was setup at the school and broadcasting towards the hill. Unfortunately, the pair of technicians hadn't completed their climb yet. Objective #1 was confirmed as having "line of sight" to the school, but not Sheep Ridge, so the team continued on.

Trading packs, they continued until 12:20 pm, at a total gain of 955 ft. At this time, clouds were growing darker in the distance, the terrain was getting more steep and difficult to navigate, and the team was exhausted. The attempt was aborted without reaching the final location, but confirmed that "line of sight" was lost at that point anyway. The terrain was also deemed too hazardous for repetitive use, incurring a couple falls, and requiring some free-climbing.

There are other possible paths into Imnaha, though, so we will continue to explore possibilities!